Two Buffet Crampon Awards

Amazing prizes will be awarded to two of the best participants in the competition. These are two of Buffet Crampon's signature models.


The first prize winner in category E will receive the LEGENDE clarinet BC1156L-2-0.


The winner in category D will be awarded the TRADITION clarinet BC1116LN-2-0P.


Thank You Buffet Crampon!



Julian Bliss chose the clarinet by himself.


‘The only reason why I started playing was because this is something I really love doing.’ says the superstar of the clarinet Julian Bliss today, as he looks back in time.

Music enchants him when he is only 4 years old, even though his parents are not related to art in any form- his father is a shop owner of a store for motorcycles in  Harpenden and his mother takes care of the three children in the family.

Young Julian back then is so insistent in his love with music that even the boy games with his fellow peers can’t get the idea out of his head. This is when he receives the first musical instrument in his life- block flute. Only a few weeks later it turns out that he wants something else and his parents take him to a music shop. There, Julian tries out a few instruments but the moment he touches the clarinet he finds out it will be it forever.


At the age of 10 he practices for 3 hours a day


Now the talented musician is 30 years old and admits that the reason for falling in love with the clarinet is in the sound coming from this instrument. ‘I think that's exactly what I felt in that first moment in the store.’says Julian.

However, nothing happens without work and effort,  and following his heart, the convinced little boy makes the steps in his musical journey. At the age of 10, he practices for three hours a day, and when he is 12 years old has already won a prestigious award from Indiana University in the US. This is the beginning of hundreds of tours and concerts that add up skills and charisma to his musical personality.


From the Buckingham Palace to a custom designed instrument


When  he was 6 years old Julian has an experience that leaves a solid mark in his development- he plays in the Buckingham Palace on the birthday of Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II.

‘Which British child wouldn’t desire to sneak in the palace and wander around?’, the musician jokes around today and remembers that he meet a bunch of popular people from the art sphere back then. Six years later, Bliss is on the stage in Buckingham again- this time for the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II.

He loves saying that playing the clarinet has never taken his childhood away and he owes this mainly to his mother, who has always managed to lead her son between the games and the work, as well as travelled around the globe with him. Otherwise, the recognition of his capabilities is materialized through the partnership with a popular brand for clarinets and the creation of an instrument by his own idea. Bliss himself says that the design of this instrument is „wicked”.


Wayne Rooney and the audience


They call Julian ‘Wayne Rooney of the clarinet’ The reason is not that both of them are British.

Many people believe that not only is the physical resemblance between the two of them big, but also is their talent. But there is something else to that- Rooney is very memorable on the field mainly for his emotions and Bliss is easily remembered on stage not only for his genius qualities in performing music. The young man stands out because he simply loves to interact with the audience.

He talks with people before he starts performing and by doing this he opens a door to the spanless world of art.

He believes that this changes the perception, especially if the event in connected to classical music. He never prepares his speech beforehand because he loves to improvise and tries to make everything happen naturally.

This is what the way he performs is all about!


More information about the British musician


*The German clarinetist Sabine Meyer is among the professionals who influenced the career of Julian Bliss the most.

*He listens music in different genres: from Mahler to Taylor Swift

*He  often listens to music in his car or on the plane.

 * Benny Goodman is among the people who inspired him, especially about jazz.

*If he could turn back time, he would talk about music with Rahmaninov, Brams, Antonin Dvorak or Ella Fitzgerald.

* If he has 6 free months to himself, he would play jazz piano and would learn how to sing.

* If he is in a karaoke bar he would like to sing something by Frank Sinatra.


* In the process of preparation of the text are researched interviews and materials about Julian Bliss from British and other media.





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